Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Furnace, the Hammer, and the File - C. H. Spurgeon

Rev Dr D. A. Doudney,                                                  Menton, Dec. 5, 1890

Venerated Friend,

It made my heart leap for joy when I read in your note that you had liberty in prayer for me. I am recovering. I can hold the pen, as you see. My hand was puffed up, and, in consequence, like all puffed up things, useless; but it is coming to its true form, and I am rallying from the weakness which follows great pain.



Of a surety, it is well. I praise God with all my heart for the furnace, the hammer, and the file. May he bless to you the infirmities of years, and carry you ever in his bosom!


Your Loving, grateful friend,


C. H. Spurgeon


Taken from the book Letters of Charles Haddon Spurgeon Charles Spurgeon 1834-1892


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