Thursday, August 1, 2013

Say Rather - Rev Legh Richmond

"Did you then feel for your relatives at home?"

"Yes, that I did indeed, Sir; they were never out of my thoughts. I prayed continually for them, and had a longing desire to do them good. In particular I felt for my father and mother, as they were getting into years, and were very ignorant and dark in matters of religion."

"Ay," interrupted her mother, sobbing, "ignorant and dark, sinful and miserable we were, till this dear Betsy- this dear Betsy- this dear child, Sir, brought Christ Jesus home to her poor father and mother's house."

"No, dearest mother, say rather, Christ Jesus brought your poor daughter home to tell you what he had done for her soul, and I hope, to do the same for yours."

Rev Legh Richmond

Taken from the book The Publications of the American Tract Society  

Tracts are from the sixteenth to the nineteenth centuries

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